Horsemeat-butcher Jan Marcel de Becker and his wife Sidonie Zegers first opened the doors to a café-restaurant-butcher’s shop in the Vissersstraat in Vilvoorde in 1859.

The restaurant was popularly called “De Kuiper” ( “The Cooper”, or a barrel-maker ) because Jan’s father was a barrel-maker by trade. In those days, people were commonly nicknamed after a certain trait or quality.

A bit further on in the street, they owned a small workplace that was initially used for slaughtering before the city of Vilvoorde installed its own public slaughterhouse in 1896.

The restaurant was subsequently,  in 1919, left in the hands of their son Antoine de Becker and his wife Jeanne Verbruggen. They tended the business untill shortly after the second world war and left it to a family van Thielen.

In january of 1962, Jozef Gulickx and his wife Julia, left their home close to the dutch border to take over the running of the restaurant and butcher shop, and, in turn, left it to Alfons Gulickx and his wife Lieve Gewillig in january of 1992.

It gives us great pleasure to look back on this long period through history in which the restaurant and its cosy business as well as its menu has hardly changed. We remain keen  serving a simple dish as well as we know how to.